Nokia and Ansys Presents: Automated Cloud Driven Scheduling and Optimization of 5G Phased Antenna Arrays

Nokia and Ansys Presents: Automated Cloud Driven Scheduling and Optimization of 5G Phased Antenna Arrays

5G substantial MIMO radio programs demand far more sophisticated antenna systems. The phased antenna array style workflow for these units is normally thorough and complex, normally requiringa merged exertion from different experts.

Additionally, the standard antenna style and design workflow entails extensive handbook tweaking style parameters to accomplish the best possible functionality. Additionally, the 5G phase antenna array simulations are by natural means computationally comprehensive but can be mitigated with substantial-efficiency computing. Nonetheless, the most successful workflow requiresa cloud-driven workflow capable of embarrassingly parallel computation, i.e., parallel computing of both equally the style and design versions from the optimizer and the frequency sweep inside of each and every layout variation.

This presentation will present a authentic 5G phased antenna array optimization workflow inside the Ansys solution family members, the place Ansys ModelCenter is the orchestrator scheduling the optimizer’s layout versions. The state-of-the-artwork EM solvers in Ansys HFSS is immediately configured to execute and address the style variants in parallel in the Ansys cloud ecosystem. The automation of this workflow not only allows a far lessened complexity in the optimization method of the 5G phased antenna array, but also sizeable time savings owing to the components availability and parallelism of Ansys Cloud.

  • How to build real 5G phased antenna array optimization workflow
  • How to use ModelCenter to agenda the design variants for the optimizer
  • How to immediately configure, execute and fix the design versions in parallel
  • How to prevail over hardware bottlenecks by using Ansys Cloud.
  • How to generate time price savings in your undertaking

This webinar will gain engineers and designers doing the job with phased antenna array applications. The attendees will find out how Ansys options can join silos, minimize components and bottlenecks, and strengthen time to industry.


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