Uber partner Splend offers subscription electric cars incl 500 Polestar 2’s in NSW

Uber partner Splend offers subscription electric cars incl 500 Polestar 2’s in NSW
Uber partner Splend offers subscription electric cars incl 500 Polestar 2’s in NSW

Eligible Uber drivers in Sydney can now rent-to-own a brand-new premium electric Polestar 2 and get a 50% reduction in Uber’s service fee up to $6,000 per financial year until June 2025.

This is an extension of Uber’s plan to increase the number of pure electric cars available on it’s platform, where from 1 July 2022 the first 2500 drivers using battery electric vehicles on Uber get a 50% reduced service fee until 30 June 2025. The service fee reduction is capped at $3,500 per year per driver.

Uber Australia plans to launch “Comfort Electric” in early 2023, riders choosing this kind of vehicle in the app can be guaranteed a 100% emissions-free EV as hybrids are not eligible.

was recently successful in securing $1.8 million of funding in the first round of the NSW Government Drive Electric NSW EV Fleets incentive.

CEO of Splend Chris King said at the time:

“This is a fantastic initiative by the NSW Government and the funding will send us well on our way to reach our target of 10,000 EVs in our fleet by 2024. Splend’s vision is to lead rideshare to a more sustainable future and deliver more affordable carsubscriptions to on-demand drivers.”

Eligible Uber drivers in NSW can sign up to rent-to-own a Polestar 2 standard range from $550/week or long range from $590/week. 

This is $100/week lower thanks to the NSW Government funding subsidy. Polestar 2s are eligible to drive for Comfort and Premium riders in addition to Uber X, enabling drivers to earn more for those trips.

Uber offered the case study of a long-time Uber driver Alan who recently upgraded to a Polestar 2 from his Mazda Sedan. He seems happy but obviously no one knows what will happen to the rideshare market across the next few years, especially as more electric cars join the Uber fleet.

Alan commented:

“I don’t look at fuel prices anymore, it’s a great feeling! I am saving more than half the amount I used to spend on fuel. I go to shopping centres and have a coffee while the car is being charged.

It is an amazing car, I love it. I feel privileged to drive a beautiful car like this. I’m driving the future, for my kids and for the country.

It’s a worthwhile investment. Customers love the car and they ask about it. I see increased revenue per trip. If I continue for 4 years I’ll be able to own it.

I would encourage all Uber drivers to do this, the future is here.”

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