How to Change Clock Font on iPhone on iOS 16

How to Change Clock Font on iPhone on iOS 16

Over the years, Apple has improved slowly when it comes to customization in terms of the home screen and lock screen. But Apple has taken major strides with widgets and so many more features. But with iOS 16 there are a lot of changes in terms of color and font which is something Apple has been very particular about. The idea is that Apple always wants their phones to look even if people do the craziest possibilities in terms of customizations.

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In this article, we will look at how you can change the clock font on the iPhone. This is a new feature that is added to the iOS 16 software version. The lock screen was entirely reimagined in iOS 16 and has major changes and complications.

iOS 16 Lockscreen Changes

iOS 16 has major changes to the lockscreen with the addition of a custom lock screen, live activities and so much more. You can now create multiple lock screens with unique background images and also stylings like color and font and tiny widgets. The Wallpaper options have also been widened to include themes and suggested photos, patterns and so much more. Also, the notifications have been redesigned to have three different views: expanded list view, stacked view, and hidden view.

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With Live Activities, you can keep in touch with many apps which might be running in the background like media player, food delivery and so much more directly from the lock screen without having to actually unlock your phone and navigate yourselves to apps that require your attention.

How to Change Clock Font on iPhone on iOS 16

To have this feature, you need to install iOS 16 on your iPhone, and in case you are having an older version of iOS then this feature won’t be available at all. We do have an public stable release of iOS 16 as of October 2022. Assuming you have already installed iOS 16, follow the steps below to change the clock font on the lockscreen of your iPhone.

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  1. Press and Hold over the Lock Screen until this screen appears. You need to be the person who can unlock the phone for this to work because when you press and hold, the phone automatically authenticates to unlock, and only then it shows this. On this screen, tap on the option called Customize at the bottom of the screen which takes you to edit the lock screen. Press and hold
  2. In the Customize screen, you will get options to actually see the different sections was which could be actually edited. Tap on the section where the time is displayed. (where it says 7:50 in my case on the screenshot below) Tap On time
  3. As soon as you tap on the time section, you will see this popup which is called Font & Colour. Here you will see the options to change the Font and also the color of the text you see on the screen as you can see below in the screenshot. Change Contrast
  4. So, tap on the font that you want to apply for the time and date text displayed on the lock screen of the iPhone. Changed to Blue
  5. Once you are done, tap on the Done button at the top right corner of the screen and the font you selected will be applied to the lock screen you chose to customize.

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This is how you can change the clock font on the home screen in the iOS-installed iPhones. It’s super easy to use and can be changed whenever you want. There is no limit as to how many times you can actually do these changes.

In addition to these font and color changes, there is a new section called tiny widgets where there are dedicated widgets like Fitness, battery, news, Apple Home and so much more. I can see the third-party developers coming up with so many widgets to make context a little bit more accessible from outside the apps.

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I, personally think that Apple has been very ingenious about how they perceive the customization in such a way that the customization is kept under a bracket where everything still looks okay and not so crazy. Do you think it would be a great way to actually let users do whatever they want despite of how crazy or stupid it looks? Do let us know in the comments below.

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