Apple to expand end-to-end encryption to more iCloud data categories


Apple has announced that it will expand its end-to-end encryption technology to more iCloud data categories. The company already offers end-to-end encryption for Apple Card transactions, Apple Maps search, Health data, passwords in iCloud Keychain, and the Messages app.


With the introduction of advanced data protection, encryption will also be covered for Wallet Passes, Siri shortcuts, Safari bookmarks, voice memos, reminders, photos, notes, iCloud Drive, Messages backups, and Device backups. This brings the total number of covered categories to 23.

Testing of iCloud Advanced Data Protection is set to begin with beta versions of macOS 13.1, iPadOS 16.2, and iOS 16.2. Apple says that the feature will launch in December and will be optional, meaning that users can choose to disable it if they wish.

Some features will not be covered by Advanced Data Protection, including sharing via “anyone with a link”, Shared Albums, and iWork collaboration. When the feature is turned off, users’ devices will upload the encryption keys and the account will become standard.

The expansion of end-to-end encryption is a positive development for users who value the security of their data. By offering advanced data protection for a wider range of data categories, Apple is giving users more control over the security of their personal information.

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